Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The San Diego Employment Scam

Scam artists are at it again in San Diego. The latest wave of scams are what we consider an "advance payment scam". It basically is a situation were the victim is made to think that in order to get something done, that he/she has to make some sort of advanced payment to get the wheels going.

Most often the scammer would be very smart to choose a situation where the victim is desperate or highly motivated to get the goods/services done. The latest one is a fake employment opportunity with good rewards for an easy job description. In today's economic climate where there are so many people looking for jobs or even second jobs, the scammer is sure that the victim is highly motivated and thus much more likely to be fall for the trickery.

It all start with an innocent listing of a jobs offer on the San Diego Craigslist "Jobs" section. The scammer is normally smart to make the listing sound better than others however not so good that victims would immediately know something is wrong. It will be something along the lines of $800 per week for "document processing" or "data entry". When the victim calls, it is more than likely that there will be a short interview process that will be conducted over the phone. A few days later the scammer will call the victim and tell him/her that their job application has been approved and they can start the job soon. There is however a catch, that a fee for processing, advance for training etc will need to be paid before the victim can come in. The fee is normally around the $700-$1000 range. If the victim pays this amount they can be sure that they will never see the money again and they won't have a job waiting for them.

Avoiding this San Diego Craigslist scam is relatively easy. There is almost no job in existence that requires the employee to pay for some sort of processing or advanced training fee. If they find that it could potentially be happening to them, they should take the step to inform the police. You'd find that most authorities are happy to take it from there to build their case.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Craigslist San Diego Fake Money Scam

Scammers are starting to prey on Craigslist users in San Diego again with the latest scam that involves fake money. This isn't anything new but it is still very damaging to the victims and they might even be caught for trying to use the fake money which they don't know about.

This is a classic deception scam with the aim to exchange fake money with items that can then easily be resold to regain the value of the bought item. The scammers will usually choose items like electronics that can be liquidated fast and also retain its value well in the short-term.

The scammer will just browse through his edition of the San Deigo Craigslist and spot highly saught after items, most would be Iphones, Ipads etc which they know they can re-sell on very quickly. The price doesn't matter because obviously the money they are going to use to buy the item will be fake with no real value.

They will call the victim and set up a place where they can meet which is very public like a mall or park where the scammer can "inspect" the object and follow-through with the transaction. Since the victim won't be a banker or anyone who is an expert at handling money he/she probably won't know its funny money until it's too late. A mall or a park also gives the scammer a quick way to blend in to the public and get-away should the victim find out quickly that he has been given fake money.

Craigslist users in San Diego are advised to be very careful with transactions. We recommend that they learn how to tell fake money from real and take the time to study the notes carefully to avoid being scammed.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Craigslist San Diego Car Scams

Of all the different sections available in the San Diego Craigslist the cars section is the most active. This is understandable since it offers a great alternative to buyers heading to car yards and paying top dollar. It also represents a good deal for sellers as they can advertise for free and have a huge audience of buyers who will look at their offering. Unfortunately, it has also become place where scammers love to fish for victims.

Looking through your San Diego car listings on Craigslist there are obviously going to find some obvious scams but that does not mean that there aren’t some very intricate scammers out there that are absolute professionals. It is very hard for normal buyers to avoid these scammers unless they know what to look for. That’s what we’re going to try expose in today’s blog post.

The most serious of these scams involves overseas money order, or overseas checks which are take a notoriously long time to clear. What the scammer does is he says he will buy your car but says that he is overseas and can only offer you a international check or money order which you can clear from your bank. This fella will then overpay you on the money order. Since you’re already got it in your hand you can clearly see that it’s true. The scammer will then ask you to go ahead with the check or money order deposit but ask you to write a check to him to “re-imburse” him for the extra money he paid. Little do you know that the check or money order is fake and can’t be cashed by the bank. The bank won’t tell you until it’s too late and by that time you would have already sent your money to the scammer with no hopes of having it returned.

It is vital that Craigslist buyer and sellers in San Diego be vigilant about these scams. It happens more than you think and it’s a terrible feeling to be the victim of these scams. Buyers and Sellers have to be on-guard at all times against scammers. If it sounds a bit fishy then it’s better to not proceed with the transaction.