Monday, August 1, 2011

Craigslist San Diego Car Scams

Of all the different sections available in the San Diego Craigslist the cars section is the most active. This is understandable since it offers a great alternative to buyers heading to car yards and paying top dollar. It also represents a good deal for sellers as they can advertise for free and have a huge audience of buyers who will look at their offering. Unfortunately, it has also become place where scammers love to fish for victims.

Looking through your San Diego car listings on Craigslist there are obviously going to find some obvious scams but that does not mean that there aren’t some very intricate scammers out there that are absolute professionals. It is very hard for normal buyers to avoid these scammers unless they know what to look for. That’s what we’re going to try expose in today’s blog post.

The most serious of these scams involves overseas money order, or overseas checks which are take a notoriously long time to clear. What the scammer does is he says he will buy your car but says that he is overseas and can only offer you a international check or money order which you can clear from your bank. This fella will then overpay you on the money order. Since you’re already got it in your hand you can clearly see that it’s true. The scammer will then ask you to go ahead with the check or money order deposit but ask you to write a check to him to “re-imburse” him for the extra money he paid. Little do you know that the check or money order is fake and can’t be cashed by the bank. The bank won’t tell you until it’s too late and by that time you would have already sent your money to the scammer with no hopes of having it returned.

It is vital that Craigslist buyer and sellers in San Diego be vigilant about these scams. It happens more than you think and it’s a terrible feeling to be the victim of these scams. Buyers and Sellers have to be on-guard at all times against scammers. If it sounds a bit fishy then it’s better to not proceed with the transaction.

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