Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The San Diego Employment Scam

Scam artists are at it again in San Diego. The latest wave of scams are what we consider an "advance payment scam". It basically is a situation were the victim is made to think that in order to get something done, that he/she has to make some sort of advanced payment to get the wheels going.

Most often the scammer would be very smart to choose a situation where the victim is desperate or highly motivated to get the goods/services done. The latest one is a fake employment opportunity with good rewards for an easy job description. In today's economic climate where there are so many people looking for jobs or even second jobs, the scammer is sure that the victim is highly motivated and thus much more likely to be fall for the trickery.

It all start with an innocent listing of a jobs offer on the San Diego Craigslist "Jobs" section. The scammer is normally smart to make the listing sound better than others however not so good that victims would immediately know something is wrong. It will be something along the lines of $800 per week for "document processing" or "data entry". When the victim calls, it is more than likely that there will be a short interview process that will be conducted over the phone. A few days later the scammer will call the victim and tell him/her that their job application has been approved and they can start the job soon. There is however a catch, that a fee for processing, advance for training etc will need to be paid before the victim can come in. The fee is normally around the $700-$1000 range. If the victim pays this amount they can be sure that they will never see the money again and they won't have a job waiting for them.

Avoiding this San Diego Craigslist scam is relatively easy. There is almost no job in existence that requires the employee to pay for some sort of processing or advanced training fee. If they find that it could potentially be happening to them, they should take the step to inform the police. You'd find that most authorities are happy to take it from there to build their case.

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